A Small Orange Coupons – Save 20% in January 2017

Looking for A Small Orange coupons and discounts to save money on your web hosting? If so, then you are in the right place! Every month we come out with new coupon codes, while also providing high-quality articles on how to setup your website, blog and get the most out of your site in the process.

20% Discount on Initial Hosting Purchase

Receive an instant 20% off your initial hosting purchase with A Small Orange. You also get a free domain with 12+ month purchase.

$5.00 Discount on Initial Hosting Purchase

Receive an instant $5.00 off your initial hosting purchase with A Small Orange. You also get a free domain with 12+ month purchase.

Since you are likely looking for our latest coupons codes for August, we might as well start there. We have two coupon codes available for you, one for 20% off your initial hosting order and the other for $5 off your first month of hosting. No matter which coupon you use,know that you are in good hands with A Small Orange hosting.

A Small Orange Coupons - January 2017


In comparison to other web hosting service providers, A Small Orange has one of the best plans around. Hosting starts at just $5 per month and with our 20% or $5 off coupons, the monthly pricing is even lower. In addition to getting an amazing deal, you will also be comfortable in knowing that yourweb site,blog and hosting will be secure at all time and that you will always have the best customer support.

To setup your web hosting account, please click on either of the coupon codes below to get started with the process.

  • Use coupon code "HOSTING20" to save 20% on your initial order
  • Use coupon code "HOST5" to get $5 off your 1st month of hosting

Since we are offering two exclusive coupon codes this month, I want to make sure that I cover the importance of each of them and how they should be used. The most important thing to note is that each coupon code is good on your INITIAL purchase, which means it won't flow through on a recurring basis. For this reason, when setting up your web hosting, you will save the most money when you pay for at least a year in advance. The coupon code guides below will walk you through the process.

How to Activate Your 20% Off Hosting Coupon

Step 1: Click here to access our exclusive coupon code.

Step 2: Select your hosting plan.

(We recommend going with the "SMALL" plan and paying for at least 12 months in advanced. This way you will receive the best discount and also receive a free domain name at the time of purchase.)

When you are on the actual order form page, it will look like the pull down menu below. Also be sure to select "Monthly" to get the most savings.

Step 3: Fill in your account details and proceed to the bottom of the page where you will see the "HOSTING20" coupon code in place.

Click here to access our exclusive coupon code.

REMINDER: You Will Save 20% Off Your Initial Purchase

As you will notice from the image above, the "HOSTING20" coupon will save you 20% off your initial order total. This means if you signup for hosting and decide to pay on a "MONTHLY" basis, you will save 20% off your first month. If you go with the "ANNUALLY" plan, you will then save an extra 20% off your total for the whole year -- which is a much better savings.

What to Consider when Deciding Between the 20% Off Coupon or the $5.00 Off Coupon

The "HOSTING20" coupon code is the best one we have offered in a while. To save an instant 20% off on your hosting package is a big deal! I want to make sure you get to save the most money possible, so here is the best way to use the coupon.

The "Small" hosting package is A Small Orange's best hosting package and it costs $5 per month. When you pay for a year in advance, that price goes down to just $50 for the whole year... THEN when you also throw in our "HOSTING20" coupon, you will save another 20%, which brings your hosting down to under $4 per month!

A Small Orange Coupon 20 Percent

Whether you are starting your firstweb site or blog, or looking to transfer your sites to a new service, the "HOSTING20" 20% off coupon and paying for at least a year in advance will save you the most money. You simply aren't going to find the level of quality hosting for under $4 a month!

How to Get Your First Month of Hosting Free

In addition to our 20% off coupon, we also have a new "HOST5" coupon code that will save $5 off your initial order. This $5 off promotion won't save you as much as the 20% off coupon and paying for a year in advance, but it's a great way to get your first month of hosting free if you don't want to pay for your hosting a year in advance.

Just like in our last example, going with the "Small" hosting plan is probably your best option. The price is $5 per month for hosting, and when you apply our "HOST5" coupon, you will get an instant $5 off your order -- giving you the first month for free!

Five Dollars Off A Small Orange Hosting

While the $5.00 coupon code can be applied to any hosting account offered by A Small Orange, if you aren't going to pay for a year in advance, it would make the most sense to go with the "Small" plan and pay on a monthly basis -- thus giving you the first month for free.

7 Things to Look for When Choosing a Web Host

Choosing a web host can be a stressful time for any site owner or blogger, especially if it's your first time setting everything up. However, it doesn't have to be!

In this section, we are going to break down seven of the most important things for you to look at when choosing a quality web hosting provider, while also highlighting all of these features with A Small Orange and why we so heavily recommend them.

The seven points we are going to cover in this section are:

  • History & Length of Time in Business
  • Server Hardware & Uptime
  • Backups
  • Price
  • Support & Customer Service
  • Network Connectivity
  • Software

Before we get started, we want to stress the importance of knowing as much information about your web hosting provider as possible. Even if you don't go with our recommended hosting company, you should still research all of this same information and best practices with whomever you may choose.

Factor #1: History and Length of Time in Business

Did you know that it's quite easy to setup a web hosting company of your own? For anyone that has the necessary resources and desire to set it up, all it takes is ordering a few dedicated servers or reseller hosting accounts, setting up a sales site and choosing a name for your new hosting business! That's it!

The sad thing is that so many of these garbage hosting businesses pop-up all over the place because it's so darn easy and low cost. This is bad for a number of reasons, but usually because the people who decide to host with these "fly-by-night" hosting solutions usually experience little to no support, sites that continually go down and also the chance of losing their sites to poor management and being shut down.

The GOOD news is that A Small Orange hosting has been around since 2003 and hosts over 2 million domain names and sites! In addition to successfully hosting millions of sites around the world, the company is also financially stable so there is no need to worry about them closing up shop or changing their business model.

One of the biggest reasons for A Small Orange's success, is that a great majority of their customers are referred from existing customers -- which speaks volumes!

Factor #2: Support and Customer Service

Offering a great product or service without great customer service and support is a complete wash. When you need to get a hold of someone for anything relating to your website, blog or hosting, A Small Orange is there to help with their 24/7/365 support team -- even if it's at 3am in the morning on a Saturday, which happens to be a holiday!

You will get a hold of someone, and you will get help.

With over 2 million hosted sites and clients, ASO's support team has dealt with every situation possible and is learning how to address new ones everyday.

No matter the question or situation, ASO's support team has you covered.​

Factor #3: Server Hardware and Uptime

Many people think that all servers are the same, and that it's simply a matter of being able to connect to the internet and transfer site data. This is completely false and not having the right server hardware and configuration setup, could cost you a ton of money, site traffic and even your business if you have one setup.

In short, your site absolutely needs to be up and running at all times. It's not just the type of server that matters, but also the quality. A Small Orange only uses and hosts their customer sites with high-end enterprise hardware. Such hardware is not only expensive, it's also designed to be up and running at all times and even setup with built-in redundancy should disaster strike.

When it comes to the uptime and hosting of your site, nothing comes second.​

Factor #4: Network Connectivity and Uptime

Just as important as the software and hardware that powers your site, so is the backend solution and connectivity of your site to internal servers and fast delivery speeds through the world.

A good way to think about this would be if you had the fastest computer in the world, but was connecting to the internet on a slow dial-up speed. Without all of the necessary tools and solutions in place, you're experience would simply be lacking.

A Small Orange is proud to have two data centers located within the United States in both Michigan and Texas. Each of these two server locations offer high-end security, extremely high-speed access and multiple redundant tier-1 connections to make sure all sites hosted within ASO are up and running at all times.

Factor #5: Backups

Just like you store data on your computer and possibly back it up incase of an emergency, the same holds true for your web site and blog data.

However, unlike with your computer or laptop where you might need to manually perform updates and backs, A Small Orange hosting has automatic daily updates available for hosting clients of all sizes. Though it comes as an extra added cost to the company, it's one of the many reasons why they continue to scale in size and rank among the highest rated solutions for customer service in the industry.

Factor #6: Software

When you visit a web site or blog, you probably only think about the content on the site and how you are seeing it through your computer screen.

However, there is a lot of information, programs, scripts and software running in the background to power that site. With over 2 million sites being hosted at A Small Orange, they are constantly updating all of their software and hardware to make sure their client sites are always up and running as fast as possible.

Factor #7: Price

When it comes to anything in life, you want to pay the lowest price you possibly can. However, if you are running to a web hosting company simply because of their price, you could be getting more than you are paying for -- such as disasters!

Not only is A Small Orange one of the most reliable and recommended hosting solutions on the internet today, they are also the most competitive in pricing as well.

Throw in our 20% discount coupons and you are walking away with quite a deal!​

Click here to setup your hosting account.


Amazing Benefits Included in A Small Orange Hosting Plans

The main goal of this site is to provide you with the best money saving coupons for A Small Orangehosting, while also giving you the tools and information you need to create a site or blog of your own. Speaking of tools and information... A Small Orange also includes the following benefits with all of this hosting plans (outside of their "Tiny" package). After you create your hosting account, you will have access to and benefit from:

  • FREE Site Building Tools with Drag & Drop Website Builder
  • FREE One-Click Installs of WordPress
  • FREE Shopping Cart Software
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Screaming Fast Solid State Drive (SSD) Servers for 15x Performance
  • 24/7/365 Expert Support Based in the USA
  • Unlimited Domains*
  • Unlimited Email Accounts and Mailing lists

Of the many features listed above, the "Free One-Click Install of WordPress" is definitely one of our favorites. This means that you can sign up for hosting and have your site up and running in just a few minutes times without the need to download your site CMS software and installing it on your server. Instead, you just need to login to your account, click a few buttons and have WordPress installed instantly. If you never had the opportunity to use WordPress before, it's one of the easiest and best ways to create a site without ever needing to download or buy any additional software. This site was created off the WordPress platform.

The other great thing about hosting with A Small Orange is that they allow "Unlimited Domains" on all of their shared hosting plans (with the exception of "Tiny"). This is important to have because so many people end up creating multiple web sites and then need to setup additional web hosting. WithASO you can setup one hosting account and create as many sites as you like.


What Are Other People Saying About A Small Orange?

Having over 15 years of experience in the site creation and web hosting space, it's easy for us to show you the benefits of hosting your site with A Small Orange. For this reason, we also wanted to highlight what other people are saying about ASO through social media as well.

We randomly searched for A Small Orange mentions on Twitter and here's what some of their customers had to say.


And something you will notice about @asmallorange and nearly all of their Tweets and social media activity, is that they actually respond to their customer support questions, comments,praise and issues at a very fast pace. Each of the Tweets above got a response, and you can see an example of this through the Tweet response below.

A Small Orange on Twitter

As you can see, it's not just about providing the best web hosting and pricing, it's also about having customers that are actually happy with the service and willing to share their experience with others as well.

What Makes A Small Orange Hosting Different?

When it comes time to choose a web hosting company, you want to go with one that is reliable, cost effective and provides high-quality support should you ever need it. A Small Orange has built their business into what it is today, off of all of these principles.

A Small Orange has also taken a different approach to running their business in that they actually give back to the environment by matching their own energy usage with 150% renewable resources. All of this and more can be seen in their explainer video below.

Whether you are looking at the hosting services offered, the low monthly pricing or even the customer support -- in comparison to many of the other top hosting companies out there, A Small Orange has built a great name and loyal customer based for themselves over the years.

Again, here are this month's latest promotions and money saving coupons.​

20% Discount on Initial Hosting Purchase

Receive an instant 20% off your initial hosting purchase with A Small Orange. You also get a free domain with 12+ month purchase.

$5.00 Discount on Initial Hosting Purchase

Receive an instant $5.00 off your initial hosting purchase with A Small Orange. You also get a free domain with 12+ month purchase.

If you would like to get started with yourweb site or blog today, you can grab either of the coupon codes below and take advantage of a great hosting opportunity at a very competitive price.

  • Use coupon code "HOSTING20" to save 20% on your initial order
  • Use coupon code "HOST5" to get $5 off your 1st month of hosting

Again, just a final reminder that the 20% off coupon is definitely your best option for saving the most money in the long run with your hosting plan.