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Shared Hosting with A Small Orange

A massive problem for many people today is the fact that they simply want everything to themselves. However, when it comes to the power of web hosting there is no real need to have everything to yourself; in fact, it’s quite counterproductive!

With the right mentality you can ditch this fallacy, though, and make sure that when it comes to web hosting you are just concentrating on getting the best deal. For example, many businesses – big businesses – thrive from the power of shared hosting. Shared hosting means taking on a server along with people and you all work together to make sure you have what is needed. With unlimited domains, unlimited e-mail accounts and 24/7 support what can go possibly go wrong with this kind of shared server?

Shared servers are misunderstood by many people, as they are seen as a ridiculous notion that cuts down on the work needed by hosting. The truth is that the costs associated with running just one sever are fairly large and therefore it makes more sense to use that incredible depth of space on the server (very few people need a dedicated package to themselves) to ensure that many people can benefit. You aren’t time-sharing and you aren’t getting a half/half share with the traffic or the bandwidth, either.

They run totally unique from one another and there really is no correlation between them both. With a 99.9% uptime guarantee as well as a range of daily backup features, restore points and password protected directories it soon becomes a whole lot easier to manage your business and to make sure that everything is going the way that you had originally intended.

It also comes with script installer software which is a whole lot more useful than it might sound at this moment in time! For help in getting the right depth and quality of website, you need to rely upon the help of things like cPanel, Enterprise Standard, e-mail and most importantly a rich and engaging website style. The problem is that when you do this, you never get what you really wanted!

With the help of A Small Orange, though, you get access to everything we just mentioned so that there can be no doubt whatsoever about the kind of quality that you receive when using something like this – so if you need quality hosting on a budget, start with shared hosting!

5 Reasons to Host with A Small Orange

For lots of people, there can be an innate challenge when it comes to getting work managed and dealt with effectively. Picking the right web hosting company might seem trivial but many people can make a severe mess of this, and leave themselves regretting their choice and the amount of money it seems to be costing on a permanent basis!

To get to where you intended to be with this kind of business, you need to understand the ramifications that come from dealing with this style of thinking. Instead, when it comes to web hosting, you want to find a friendly, mild-mannered, detailed and considered team of experts as the people to listen to when it comes to finding quality online hosting.

One thing to consider about all of this, then, is just what kind of qualities you would be trying to hire. Not sure where to start? Consider the following;

  • A Small Orange may be an independent firm from the biggest names, but they allow you a rare breed of domains/hosting/web design all in the one place. This means everything is handled by the same people, by the same experts and at the same time. Now you no longer have problems correlating it all together and getting people onside with one another!
  • A Small Orange also provides you with a range of hosting packages to pick from. This will naturally make your life so much easier than it has been in the past to get something that suits as you just have such a wide range to pick from. Instead of getting lost and confused in what you need, you’ll find that this does everything that it can to give you the perfect solution
  • They also make sure that pricing is fair – if you need to keep your costs down and your business moving in the right direction then A Small Orange are a good pick due to their cost-effective nature
  • A hugely secure industry, they are one of the most safety-conscious in the entire sector. This is hugely important and means that you need to really understand how to take things forward in the right way; A Small Orange certainly do, helping you get to where you need to be without any real hassles or strains along the way
  • Lastly, their customer service quality is without a doubt the best around; they’ll make sure that problems are solved!

Still not sure where to go? Trust us, there are few better solutions out there on the market for you than A Small Orange! They really do set the benchmark for customer friendliness, range of quality and style in selection of what they can offer.

Premium Hosting and Data Centers with A Small Orange

Having the best possible level of security and protection with your business is so incredibly important today that it can become almost overbearing. However, nothing should ever come in the way of you putting your business together and making sure that it has all the features that it needs. As a team of web experts that you can trust, A Small Orange regularly deal with datacenters and premium hosting packages for clients who feel like they might need something a bit more dedicated and specific than they have had so far. This means that, with the privacy of a datacenter, you are left with something far more effective.

Safe in the knowledge that data centers are going to last for years to come thanks to the precision and detail we put into Texas locations, A Small Orange can be the tool that you need for elite web hosting. These datacenters come with a range of useful features and additions across the board, such as CRAC units being supported by a roof-mounted condenser to keep the temperature in the rooms as far as possible. However, the big problem is getting this right and making sure that things are going to be as balanced and as fair as possible; with the right systems being in place, though, these fears can be put to bed.

Thanks to the help of the 11.1MW power capacity that is provided to this, you can be sure that there is next to no chance of too much power being used! The entire program has been built to ensure that weekly-tested generators are keeping everything running at its very capacity to minimize the risk of damage and/or data loss.

24/7 technician support is always important in a scenario like this and with the A Small Orange team this become easier than ever before. They’ll deliver a team that look over everything forensically, with physical ID and biometric access keeping our Datacenter packages nice and safe. It’ll also keep all of your files under lock and key with the various layers of security being provided throughout. With card keys, PINs and biometrics all needed to get entry there is nobody getting in here who is not authorized!

With all of this in mind, A Small Orange can more or less manage any business and keep their data secure. The chances of getting inside their servers, or premises, are minimal.

Why the A Small Orange Team is Great to Work With

One of the most important aspects of managing your website online is knowing that you can trust the people who are running it for you in the first place. When you are working with these people, you want to get the vibe that they can be trusted and that they can be seen to be doing the best that they possibly can for you.

It just takes a bit of planning and preparation along the way to get to where you want to be with any good hosting company – you need to see what they have to offer in terms of their human side and their overall qualities.

At A Small Orange, there is always a real importance on customer service. Its’ vital that when you hire a professional service like this that you get the help that you need in putting it all in one piece. This will take a lot of time to get you in the right frame of mind moving forward, naturally, but you’ll need to consider a lot of different things.

The first thing you want to know when hiring a team like this is how they will treat you and what kind of quality of service they are here to offer – if you aren’t sure about the vibes from the staff then you might want to go to somewhere else. The main thing to make sure, though, is that the team know their stuff. With A Small Orange, you can tell almost immediately that their staff know what they are talking about and that they can be genuinely trusted to do the job that you asked of them with the minimum of fuss and the smallest amount of effort possible.

To make sure that this can happen and that you can keep benefitting moving forward as you have so far, though, you want to know that the team you are relying upon move fast .the last thing that you need a professional is for your website to go down or for your business to be unavailable! Therefore, the speed of service is as important as the quality and friendliness.

Thankfully, they make this easy too – the team at A Small Orange are genuinely good eggs who can help you see the easy side of web hosting, taking away the normal challenges and threats that it poses to you as you try and move forward.

How to Build a Site with A Small Orange

Website design is, without a doubt, one of the most challenging parts of owning a business. Whilst in the past there has been a lot of positivity about this kind of system and service, many people are not keen on working with an online page designer in the style that websites like A Small Orange provide. In short, getting the help that you need from a hosting company to design a website is not something many people find appetizing as a suggestion. Instead, what you can do to help yourself is to turn to the various website design plans to see what fits with yourself personally.

Understanding how to build a website with A Small Orange is very important as if you do it through the hosting team that you use you can now only save a good bit of money, but you will know that everything is dealt with on the one central station. This means a few positives;

  • No more confusion when you phone up to get help. If the website is built on their platform they are far more likely to know what it’s all about!
  • Support for their products is naturally far more varied and positive than it would be if you were just using a normal website and loading it up. When it’s created through their system the team are more likely to try and help you with website errors than they are if something isn’t quite up to scratch on a WordPress platform or something similar
  • The best part, however, is that A Small Orange ensures that you have access to unlimited page numbers if you need them. This is very useful meaning that you can get as many pages as you want and make the website as extensive – or a simple – as you like, the choice is entirely yours!
  • A range of plans that make it nice and easy for you to pick the right package for you. With unlimited e-mail, 24/7 support and help for setting up E-Commerce pages you’ll find it easier than ever before to start building a website that really replicates what you were waiting for

Following the creation process is incredibly simple, and it will leave you without any doubts that using A Small Orange is one of the most effective way to make a website as well as get a domain, hosting and support in one place.

Setting Up Business Hosting with A Small Orange

Business Hosting is, without a doubt, one of the most important and effect ways of managing and securing a business to ensure that it can keep to grow in the future. To do it right, though, you need to understand what kind of Business Hosting is out there for you. In fact, to do this right, you need to make sure that the hosting package you decide to pick up is the best that it possibly can be.

For example, you’ll find that A Small Orange offer a different range of business packages that you might want to consider looking into.

To start with, their main package for businesses is going to be the perfect choice for many people. It’s incredibly simple to work with and it gives you the help that you need in putting it all together and ensuring that it manages itself effectively.

To get to this point, you want to always understand what kind of hosting packages you are getting when you get involved in this kind of thinking. Most people will want to get the best value possible and with these packages that soon becomes so much easier to manage and put in place.

For example, for just $20/month you can get the smallest package that gives you all the storage and help that you could possibly need.

Another massive part of the process is making sure that you have access to the right additions within the business plan. For example, you are given access to some key additions when you sign up with A Small Orange which includes things such as;

  • Free SSL certifications, which can be up to a value of $39 anyway!
  • Servers which are kept to the highest possible levels of quality. They are scanned regularly to add more to them and ensure they have more depth and life, and it also comes with PCI-compliant servers that will help you get the assistance you need
  • PostgreSQL Database Support which is very important if you want to include a whole range of extras for your website, given that so many additional platforms these days require full SQL support
  • Lower density of customers meaning that you are less likely to find yourself in a position whereby service has slowed down or weakened in any capacity because of what is going on

As you can see, choosing A Small Orange is a smart choice. Click here to view this month’s latest ASO coupon codes to instantly save 20% and get a free domain name at sign up.

Different Hosting Options with A Small Orange

Finding out the most effective parts of how to manage web hosting is, without a doubt, the biggest challenge that you will face if you are trying to get a website up and running. Many people will deal with this situation and find themselves more or less running back and forth trying to understand the different hosting options to them.

Instead of doing this, though, you can easily create a solution just by heading over to A Small Orange. As a nice and effective hosting company, you can trust them to get the job done.

So, what kind of hosting options are open with A Small Orange? What can you pick from when you first turn up here?

  • Shared hosting is a popular choice as it’s very cheap and effective, but the issue is that you are limited to the space as people will be using the service with you. This means that you all have a share of this massive slice of the cake, meaning that you can get the help that you need if you are a smaller set or a newstart that isn’t quite sure where to get in terms of your detail and your overall style
  • Business hosting is a massively effective choice, too, as you’ll be left with a huge range of choices with regards to how it can work. If you are trying to start your own business and want to have the help that you need then this is probably the place to start with as it’s just so easy to manage and use!
  • Re-seller packages are another great choice and are a bit more complex, but also very helpful in terms of helping you move forward. These packages make excellent sense if you are a web designer, for example, and might need to provide your clients and/or guests with some space to keep their stuff on
  • Cloud VPS are fine choices for those who want to have it all stored away from traditional servers, removing the chances of things being compromised or damaged physically
  • Dedicated servers have been around for some time too and they are massively popular for a wide range of reasons, not least because you have all of that space that you need
  • The final selection, Clementine, is the perfect hosting package for those who need a server to be managed without the time to do it themselves properly

Setting up your account and web hosting with A Small Orange is easy. Click here to view our latest coupon codes.

How to Get a Domain Name with A Small Orange

A Small Orange have always made it incredibly easy to get the help that you need without really having to push things too far, and one of the main reasons for this is because they like to make web hosting simple.

It’s a rather complex business as times and, when you are new to it, following the plans and what is on offer for you can be rather tough. Instead, turning to hosting companies like A Small Orange will make sure you get the help that you need without the excessive challenges associated with finding a strong, decent hosting package.

So, how do you get started?

  • Simply come and visit HERE, and enter the URL that you want to purchase into the bar
    It will search for availability on-site
    If you can get it, you will be provided with further details on how to take it to the next level

This makes it so much easier for you to start picking up quality domain names without any hassle or challenge, and it’s also made to be simple so that you can get started today. Also, it means that you can get your hosting and your domain from the one place for a fantastically competitive price, whilst also making sure the whole thing is being looked after by the genuine pros.

Additionally. Setting it all up and getting yourself moving forward is simple – you merely need to wait and relax. The team will get started in earnest to see how they can put the whole thing together, ensuring that the setup is handled for you so that you can just relax!

The fact you can get to dodge any extra or hidden fees is another excellent bonus, and if you have any queries you only need to contact the experts here on their support team. This means that you can manage support, information, advice and anything else that you could possibly need to make sure that the service you get is just what you are looking for.

With domain registration typically being such a challenge, it can be a breath of fresh air to come to something like this and try out safe and trustworthy websites. Combine it all together and, very quickly, you are left with a massively effective online hosting plan that removes all of the typical challenges that you might associate with trying to run your own website.

Why A Small Orange is Great for Hosting

Web hosting is always a bit of a challenge, and most of the time you will find yourself going around in circles trying to find the best team. After all, they all sell the same stuff for roughly the same price – right? Wrong!

The difference between hosting companies is, at times, substantial and more than enough for you to consider. Even with the same pricing structure, the difference in the quality, speed and range of services included can be quite varied so it’s important to know not just what you are taking on, but what purpose it actually serves in the first place!

One such web company worth keeping an eye on is A Small Orange. This is a brilliant hosting service that provides a whole range of excellent services and reasons why you should consider using them as your hosting solution moving forward. Not sure why A Small Orange is great for hosting? Then consider all of the following;

  • They have some of the finest support staff around. In the world of hosting when things can wrong in a second without you know how to fix it, it’ vital to have rapidly responding and detailed support teams who can give you all the help that you need in settling down and getting the help that you need
  • The broad range of services that they cover means that you can get a lot of help from services like business accounts, re-seller accounts and even website design. Put all of this together and you have a majorly impressive range of services to pick from with fantastic support waiting
  • Whether you need something to complement your current choices or you are looking to finally get started in the current world of the web, you’ll find that A Small Orange have all the knowledge and expertise that you could possibly require regardless of what it is that you need
  • They are a very people-friendly system that ensures you get plenty of help in advertising and showing yourself off in the right light. With the people being the premium, they are a trustworthy business who look out for you
  • They provide extra high levels of security, as well. Everything is secured and looked after so you can have the strongest relationship together as client/provider

Looking for quality hosting outside of the traditional, big names? Then why not consider A Small Orange?

Cloud VPS Hosting

A Small Orange provides some of the world’s best cloud vps hosting services. Through the use of their platform, anyone can seamlessly scale their hosting as resources as large or small as their needs evolve over time. Cloud VPS servers provide the ultimate hosting experience for businesses and brands of all sizes. All cloud vps hosting solutions provide full root access and a hosting environment that can be fine tuned to your exact demands. To alleviate any stress and confusion, all server setup will be done through A Small Orange, while also having basic monitoring across your server to make sure it’s always up and running at maximum performance.

Every cloud based vps hosting plan through A Small Orange includes:

  • Enterprise Quality
  • Free Backups
  • Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM)
  • First Class Hardware
  • Automatic Failover
  • World Class DataCenter
  • Free Migration Assistance
  • Network Safeguarding
  • Firewalls

All cloud VPS hosting packages are also custom built, which allow you to pick and choose the level of hosting, while also fitting it within your budget as well. You can see a typical VPS server solution in the example below.

  • CORES: 2
  • RAM: 2048 MB
  • STORAGE: 50 GB
  • PER MONTH* = $30
  • Get 2 months free hosting and a Free Domain on all annual plans!

In addition to setting up your own preferences and pricing for your cloud based VPS servers, you can also add in additional services as well, which include:

  • Drag and Drop Web Site Builder = $11 per month
  • Custom Five Page Site Design = $799 one time
  • SiteLock Protection Services = $29 per year
  • Managed Pay Per Click Marketing = Starting at $250 per month

To learn more about setting up your own VPS server hosting or about A Small Orange click here to visit their site, or here to return to our main page.