Different Hosting Options with A Small Orange

Finding out the most effective parts of how to manage web hosting is, without a doubt, the biggest challenge that you will face if you are trying to get a website up and running. Many people will deal with this situation and find themselves more or less running back and forth trying to understand the different hosting options to them.

Instead of doing this, though, you can easily create a solution just by heading over to A Small Orange. As a nice and effective hosting company, you can trust them to get the job done.

So, what kind of hosting options are open with A Small Orange? What can you pick from when you first turn up here?

  • Shared hosting is a popular choice as it’s very cheap and effective, but the issue is that you are limited to the space as people will be using the service with you. This means that you all have a share of this massive slice of the cake, meaning that you can get the help that you need if you are a smaller set or a newstart that isn’t quite sure where to get in terms of your detail and your overall style
  • Business hosting is a massively effective choice, too, as you’ll be left with a huge range of choices with regards to how it can work. If you are trying to start your own business and want to have the help that you need then this is probably the place to start with as it’s just so easy to manage and use!
  • Re-seller packages are another great choice and are a bit more complex, but also very helpful in terms of helping you move forward. These packages make excellent sense if you are a web designer, for example, and might need to provide your clients and/or guests with some space to keep their stuff on
  • Cloud VPS are fine choices for those who want to have it all stored away from traditional servers, removing the chances of things being compromised or damaged physically
  • Dedicated servers have been around for some time too and they are massively popular for a wide range of reasons, not least because you have all of that space that you need
  • The final selection, Clementine, is the perfect hosting package for those who need a server to be managed without the time to do it themselves properly

Setting up your account and web hosting with A Small Orange is easy. Click here to view our latest coupon codes.