Premium Hosting and Data Centers with A Small Orange

Having the best possible level of security and protection with your business is so incredibly important today that it can become almost overbearing. However, nothing should ever come in the way of you putting your business together and making sure that it has all the features that it needs. As a team of web experts that you can trust, A Small Orange regularly deal with datacenters and premium hosting packages for clients who feel like they might need something a bit more dedicated and specific than they have had so far. This means that, with the privacy of a datacenter, you are left with something far more effective.

Safe in the knowledge that data centers are going to last for years to come thanks to the precision and detail we put into Texas locations, A Small Orange can be the tool that you need for elite web hosting. These datacenters come with a range of useful features and additions across the board, such as CRAC units being supported by a roof-mounted condenser to keep the temperature in the rooms as far as possible. However, the big problem is getting this right and making sure that things are going to be as balanced and as fair as possible; with the right systems being in place, though, these fears can be put to bed.

Thanks to the help of the 11.1MW power capacity that is provided to this, you can be sure that there is next to no chance of too much power being used! The entire program has been built to ensure that weekly-tested generators are keeping everything running at its very capacity to minimize the risk of damage and/or data loss.

24/7 technician support is always important in a scenario like this and with the A Small Orange team this become easier than ever before. They’ll deliver a team that look over everything forensically, with physical ID and biometric access keeping our Datacenter packages nice and safe. It’ll also keep all of your files under lock and key with the various layers of security being provided throughout. With card keys, PINs and biometrics all needed to get entry there is nobody getting in here who is not authorized!

With all of this in mind, A Small Orange can more or less manage any business and keep their data secure. The chances of getting inside their servers, or premises, are minimal.